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Founded in 2005, Scheer Intelligence provides on-call planning, research and management consulting services designed to help clients make more informed decisions about critical business issues.  Scheer Intelligence specifically focuses on topics of interest to private, public sector, and non-profit organizations involved in the transportation, infrastructure, design, and construction industries. 
The President of Scheer Intelligence, Maxine Scheer, has over 20 years experience in strategic planning, competitive intelligence, transportation planning and development, and construction management.  Maxine’s combination of research, communication and critical thinking skills has proven useful in client needs for a liaison between technical and management staff, synthesizing large amounts of “data” into useful “intelligence” and fact-based, actionable initiatives. Unique to Scheer Intelligence is the application of Mindmapping - a relationship mapping technique which enhances brainstorming and knowledge management by improving how individuals visualize, organize, and convey information.  Many of Maxine’s clients find this method useful as a means of consolidating a lot of detail to convey the “big picture”. 
Scheer Intelligence has been applying this technique to a number of areas of research that include the development of a Mindmap of the US transportation industry that depicts the relationships and summarizes the agenda of hundreds of entities and organizations that have a direct interest in transportation.   This unique tool has been applied to a number of client engagements and has received private philanthropic funding for assessing education and workforce development resources in the aviation and aerospace industries.

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